Why Visit Dubai?

Desert Adventure

It doesn’t take long to surround yourself with dunes. Explore on camel, quad bike or in a 4WD and sleep under the stars Bedouin style, around a campfire.


Retail therapy is taken to a whole new level here. From traditional souks to shopping malls (including the world’s largest), flea and spice markets and everything in between. Head to the Gold Souk – one of the oldest in the emirate – for all that glitters, or discover the Ripe Markets that pop up throughout the city with street food, entertainment and crafts.


You’ll find a melting pot of international restaurants and big name chefs. Delve deeper and feast on Middle Eastern specialities, laden with herbs and spices and traditionally cooked.


Rooted in Islamic and nomadic Bedouin traditions, Dubai has embraced cultures from further afield, with warm hospitality at its heart. Mosques, temples and churches can be found amongst the modern buildings, and during Ramadan there’s a festival-like atmosphere as darkness falls and the fast is broken. 


The emirate has become a magnet for water and motor sports, tennis and golf tournaments. But don’t miss out on some of the more traditional ones – from falconry to camel and horse racing. Or even have a day on the pistes at the five slope indoor ski resort – there’s a 400m long black run too! 



Dubai is home to many of the tallest and imagination defying skyscrapers in the world. The Burj Khalifa has 163 floors at 828m high and an express lift to the observation deck is a must. The old parts are still full of colonial style buildings, and ornate mosques are all around.