Why Visit Costa Rica?

Ethereal landscapes

Just over half of Costa Rica is covered in rainforest, with tropical forest becoming mystical cloud forest higher up the mountain slopes. In just one day you can see smoking volcanoes, lunar like terrains, fishtail shaped sand spits, waterfalls and mangrove reserves.




Exotic Wildlife

You can’t fail to be awed by the species you’ll see – many of which you may never have heard of. Brightly coloured birds from humming birds to parrots and toucans and everything in between fill the air and trees; look up and see slumbering sloths and get up close to impossibly cute coatis. Tapirs and jaguars inhabit the forests, and the howler monkeys are the most extraordinary early morning wake up you’ll ever have.



Thrill seeking

From surfing to ziplining, from white water rafting to rainforest trekking and from diving to scaling volcanoes, there’s no limit to the action and adventure here.





Costa Rica has been ahead of the game for years, dedicating much effort to conserving biodiversity and natural resources. Over a quarter of the country is protected within national parks and reserves, with wildlife corridors throughout.





Beach and hot springs

Get some R&R in a quiet Caribbean cove, or ride some Pacific surf. There are over 300 beaches to choose from – with sand that goes from black to pink and white. Or head for one of the many hot springs for a natural Spa experience.





Pura Vida

Not just a saying, but a way of life in Costa Rica. Literally meaning “pure life” it covers everything and you see and hear it everywhere you go.