Why Visit Tenerife?


On the same latitude as the Sahara, Tenerife is sunny for most of the year, not dropping below 20°c. Trade winds keep hot summers comfortable and the mild winters are perfect for exploring. You can lie on the beach with snow on top of El Tiede!



A fusion of cultures has imprinted itself on the food. Michelin star restaurants; beach bars serving freshly caught seafood; tapas in “guachinches” with the locals – food is a way of life here.



The World Heritage Site of San Cristobal de la Laguna still retains its 15th Century charm, while the island’s capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife has an impressive historic quarter.



From the arid flanks of the world’s third highest Volcano, El Tiede, to the lush pine forests of Corona Forestal Natural Park, from tiny villages perched on ridges to steep cliffs dropping into the ocean and long black beaches, Tenerife is a spectacular island.


With an abundance of professional player designed courses, with sweeping views of a volcano and the Atlantic – there’s no better place to practise your swing.


Marine life

The waters around the Canaries offer almost perfect conditions for a large number of sea mammals. Dolphin can be seen all year round, and orca and blue whales come here to breed.