Why Visit Netherlands?

Café culture

Wherever you go in The Netherlands, you won’t be far from a café or a bar. Whether you want a coffee or a cold beer, you’ll find somewhere cosy, where there’ll be a local or two sitting in quiet corner with a newspaper. No need to order at the counter, as someone will come to you. And the Dutch make a good cup of coffee.

Charming towns & villages

Outside of the main cities, many of the smaller towns and villages retain their historic charm and character, and many are completely off the beaten track. Middelburg and Zierikzee in Zeeland with their gothic architecture are picturesque and uncrowded, whilst Edam and Weesp, within easy distance of Amsterdam are very quaint.


There is something very calming about being near water, and there’s certainly plenty of it here. The Dutch are masters of engineering, and no visit to The Netherlands should be without a boat trip. In many of the cities you can rent a boat for the day and explore all by yourself.


Many visitors never venture beyond Amsterdam, so miss the beauty and uniqueness of the Waddeneilanden in the North Sea, better known as the Frisian Islands. This archipelago have beautiful windswept beaches and most of them are protected, with large nature reserves. The best way to explore is by bike. Naturally.


It’s hard to find a Dutch person who doesn’t speak English, so this is one European destination you can visit without worrying about not being understood.