Why Visit Zanzibar?

Stone Town

Authentic and mesmerising, the town is a labyrinth of alleys and ornately carved Arabesque architecture, with large intricately decorated doors and wooden verandas. A veritable mix of Middle Eastern style and African influences, it remains one of the most beguiling places to visit on the entire continent and is why it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It comes to life in the evenings with sizzling food stalls and locals out for the coffee and talk.


There just aren’t enough superlatives! The beaches of the Zanzibar archipelago are everything that tropical paradise beaches should be. Long stretches of the softest and whitest sand, with emerald blue waters lapping gently at their edges, and lined with swaying palms.


The waters off the east coast of Africa offer some of the best diving there is. With pristine coral reefs, wall, drift and wreck dives, warm waters, good visibility, and most importantly, an incredible array of marine life, it’s a scuba diver’s dream destination.

Spice tours

Once the main economy of the island, there are still plenty of plantations growing cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom and lemongrass. The word ginger comes from Zanzibar. Visiting a farm for a tour is a fragrant way to spend the morning or afternoon.


As a cultural melting pot and with a history built on growing and trading spices, there’s little surprise that the food on the island is as varied as it is delicious. Pair this with plenty of fresh seafood.