Another fantastic winter season at Fish & Pips!

So another season has come to an end – 2014-15 has been a roaring success; plenty of snow, sun, skiing and sumptuous food and drink!  We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all our guests, old and new who have shown their love for all things alpine via F&P, we very much hope to see you back again in the future.  We can’t however draw the season to a close without acknowledging the real stars of the show… Our fabulous team.  The success of the season is largely down to the fantastic team we have had the pleasure of working with this season.  We are fortunate enough to work with some of the best the industry has to offer, top chefs, talented lovely hosts, driver and managers.  If any of you are in any doubt as to what really goes on during a winter season this should give you an idea… It’s not just a long holiday!

Here are some stats for you calculated by host Mark during one particular dinner service:

If the season started 133 days ago on 6 December, based on an average of 7 guests per week (possibly more) each chalet has completed 228 services in which 1528 meals have gone on the table. Each host will have cleaned about 342 bedrooms, scrubbed 228 bogs and enjoyed the dulcet tones of Bring Your Sisters at least 19 times. Each chalet’s poor dishwasher has seen roughly 1824 loads pass through it. Every chef will have cooked around 5000 eggs over the season and baked approximately 115 cakes (yummy).

Thank you to the most fantastic team – here are a few photos to remind you of your season with F&P… Applications now open for next winter – get in touch – [email protected]! Can you beat this amazing lot??

IMG_5195   10301421_639561319668_607603175455123263_n   22112_10153294649245854_9168429323180075849_n

IMG_6074      IMG_4810   IMG_6025

1508034_10100592353391456_392475664119871484_n   10399431_10152632087492391_3939457261077417993_n   Meribel Top 10