Komodo sailing

Between the Flores and the Savu Sea, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Komodo, its sister islands Padar and Rinca, and nearly thirty smaller surrounding islands, has some of the region’s richest marine life. There are more than 1000 species of fish, 260 types of coral, and in the deeper waters, numerous species of whale, ray and dolphin. It is ranked as one of the world’s best dive spots. It is also a stunning place to sail, giving you a unique perspective on the lush volcanic landscape. A yacht charter is one of the most thrilling ways to explore this remote part of Indonesia. Our portfolio of crewed yachts allow you to create your own itinerary, travelling in style and luxury, and mooring in places inaccessible any other way. You’ll discover relatively unknown cultures and see some of the island’s extraordinary wildlife. And if you’re lucky, possibly a Komodo dragon.

We are excited to add Indonesia to our sailing portfolio. Our collection of available yachts will be coming to the website soon. In the meantime, get in touch to plan your tailor-made sailing experience.

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